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This is about rap. And it’s beautiful. This is a small excerpt from the article Ice T and the art of rap, written by Jonathan Cameron and published in the magazine Speak Up, No. 324. Here Snoop Dogg leaves a message for the young rap artists:

“This thing that we call hip hop, this art, this thing that we love and treasure, you must treat it with love and compassion and always cherish it because one day soon it will be yours, and once it becomes yours, make it yours, put your name on it, put your brand on it, like it’s supposed to be stamped, that way when you are gone, your music will live on. Look at the greats before us, those who have passed and their music has outlasted, it’s because of the passion that they put in their projects, it’s because of what they spoke, the way their pen cried, the way their heart followed. You could be the same thing. There’s one Snoop Dogg, just like there’s one you. Find yourself, find your art, find your heart“.

(Snoop Dogg)
Written by Gigi Eco
Gigi Eco ama aprender e faz muitas coisas ao mesmo tempo - é jornalista, fotógrafa, professora, rata de biblioteca e musicista por acidente. Ama viajar e é viciada em chás. É a escritora oficial dos cartões de Natal da família. É Doutora em Comunicação e Linguagens pela Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná (UTP) e atualmente trabalha no seu primeiro livro de poesias.