A piece of story

“Madame, come down please. Forget everything and come down”!!, he screamed. He had the talent of convince people. It was his job. Convincing a person a not to commit suicide was new for him, but not surprising.

He also had committed suicide once. And he had killed a lot of people too. He had a thousand lives, but he lost his own. You can’t have everything. Some things have to be lost. On that moment, he was playing with the death again. An adventure. Like the westerns and the terror movies. He would never be old for this kind of action.

He talked to the desperate woman. Victory. She turned away from the window sill. He opened his smile. “She agreed because I’m charming and she always wanted to meet me”, he thought. Although she changed her mind because an old men climbed 27 floors to save her. Because of hope.

Written by Gigi Eco
Gigi Eco ama aprender e faz muitas coisas ao mesmo tempo - é jornalista, fotógrafa, professora, rata de biblioteca e musicista por acidente. Ama viajar e é viciada em chás. É a escritora oficial dos cartões de Natal da família. É Doutora em Comunicação e Linguagens pela Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná (UTP) e atualmente trabalha no seu primeiro livro de poesias.